BUZZFEED: Seven Reasons To Move Home After College

“Seven Reasons To Move Home After College“ …I created this video and published on BuzzFeed (see the original post) per a sour subject I’m now facing head-on: Moving home after college. It’s that awkward… Continue reading

Letter From The Editor: My Hypothetical Commencement Speech

If I had a Commencement Speech to present to our graduating Class of 2013, this would be my Ode to Richmond. Enjoy. Originally posted on my Facebook: “So, I’m not usually one for… Continue reading

Everybody’s alright, America. The financial crisis exposed by CEO of JPMorgan

In the words of Jamie Dimon, CEO of JPMorgan Chase: While the wounds of the financial crisis still are healing and too many Americans still are struggling, the country actually may be in a… Continue reading

Crowdfunding an Empire: A Hostess Story

When a company goes under — especially a notable one — well, it’s a bummer. We hate to see it happen. But, when dying companies like Blockbuster, Wachovia, Fortunoff, etc. kiss their franchises… Continue reading

Full Presidential Election Coverage: Virginia and National Results

To see my full story and hourly coverage, visit my Storify: RICHMOND – In what has been called one of the most heated presidential elections in history, the United States has projected… Continue reading

Hurricane Sandy – Make or Break the 2012 Presidential Election?

I’m not usually one for politics, but I have to say — this election has me at the edge of my seat. As posted to one of the blogs I help manage, I… Continue reading

Hash-Jacking; Harnessing or Abusing Twitter?

Per usual, Twitter ceases to amaze. While most agencies are off promoting their company brand and work through their Twitter pages, DDB New York is doing something much more sneaky — harnessing the… Continue reading

41 Tweets in 41 Minutes — The New Trend of Beat Tweeting

After the release of the iPhone 5 a few weeks ago, I was infatuated with this new thing called beat tweeting. Based on beat reporting, it’s a new entry point into journalism that allows journalists… Continue reading

Skip the Doctor’s Office Wait. Use “InQuicker.”

…that funny, bitter moment when you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?“ Ladies and gentlemen, the days of waiting hours in the lobby of the ER, contracting a handful of other… Continue reading

Benetton names Unemployee of the Year — Is Entrepreneurial the new Chic?

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. United Colors of Benetton has done it again. Following up their “Unhate” campaign launched last fall, the Italian-based clothing chain is now making its mark in the United States with… Continue reading