Monthly Archive: June, 2013

BUZZFEED: 16 Songs Playing On Edward Snowden’s iPod

Well, we can only speculate. Who knows if this dude even has an iPod — but if he does, here’s my best guess of his current “On-The-Go” playlist. Check out the full post… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: 31 Fictional Characters Celebrating The Ruling On DOMA/Prop 8

On Thursday morning, the Supreme Court of the United States officially ruled against both DOMA and Proposition 8. This ruling marks a milestone in the United States, allowing gay couples to officially work… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: College “Diets” That Absolutely, 100% Failed

My latest work hot off the cyber-press on BuzzFeed: College diets that never worked. Never, not once, ever. We’ve all tried weird, irrational college dieting in some form or another… but I’d be hard-pressed… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: 14 Badass Nelson Mandela Facts

My latest post on BuzzFeed is a nod to Mr. Mandela. Former President of South Africa, Nobel Peace Prize winner and anti-apartheid activist, Mandela has been the center of news buzz following his recent… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: Seven Reasons To Move Home After College

“Seven Reasons To Move Home After College“ …I created this video and published on BuzzFeed (see the original post) per a sour subject I’m now facing head-on: Moving home after college. It’s that awkward… Continue reading

Letter From The Editor: My Hypothetical Commencement Speech

If I had a Commencement Speech to present to our graduating Class of 2013, this would be my Ode to Richmond. Enjoy. Originally posted on my Facebook: “So, I’m not usually one for… Continue reading