Monthly Archive: September, 2012

Skip the Doctor’s Office Wait. Use “InQuicker.”

…that funny, bitter moment when you ask yourself, “Why didn’t I think of that?“ Ladies and gentlemen, the days of waiting hours in the lobby of the ER, contracting a handful of other… Continue reading

Benetton names Unemployee of the Year — Is Entrepreneurial the new Chic?

Brilliant, brilliant, brilliant. United Colors of Benetton has done it again. Following up their “Unhate” campaign launched last fall, the Italian-based clothing chain is now making its mark in the United States with… Continue reading

Make or Break — Is Twitter The New Breaking News?

Heard about the replacement ref story? If not, I guarantee you will if you check your Twitter. Or your Facebook. Or maybe even your Instagram. Controversy is buzzing over a number of social… Continue reading

What’s Your Virtual Worth? Ask MyPrice.

In a society where you have your both bank account and your best friends at your fingertips, why not bring your business along? MyPrice, a free application available at the App Store, now… Continue reading

Invective, or Ineffective? A Presidential Ad Debate.

As the presidential campaign kicks into high-gear, so have the media efforts. Updating election┬ámobile applications, utilizing social media platforms (i.e. Obama on Reddit), and all-around technology savvy has landed this presidential campaign a… Continue reading

Making an “Absolut” Splash

In a story last Friday, AdAge reported that Absolut vodka (made in Sweden and known for its top shelf taste) will be releasing a new line of vodka product. The new line, known… Continue reading

The Price Tag of Social Media

So, who exactly do we as digital natives deem qualified enough to decide the inherent value of social media? The newest collective endeavor as an American culture is not only to use social… Continue reading