BUZZFEED: 59 Signs You Went To School In The South

  You know, I’ve been dying to write something about this. And since many of my younger colleagues are already on their way back to Richmond, I figured a big ol’ “F-U-and-choke-on-your-Bojangles-for-still-being-in-college” post… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: 29 Celebrities Who Look Strangely Identical To Their Pets

  Well, this one kind of speaks for itself, folks. Enjoy these awesome celebrities and their canine companions — who also happen to be their twins.

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BUZZFEED: The Royal Baby Will Look Like THIS!

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BUZZFEED: Which are cuter, babies or puppies?

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BUZZFEED: 237 Years Of American Cocktails: The Evolution Of Red, White & Booze

My latest BuzzFeed post features Gin, Whiskey, Vodka… You name it, it’s probably included. Each American decade has called for its own unique, alcohol-driven fad. What better way to track the growth of… Continue reading

BUZZFEED: 16 Songs Playing On Edward Snowden’s iPod

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BUZZFEED: 31 Fictional Characters Celebrating The Ruling On DOMA/Prop 8

On Thursday morning, the Supreme Court of the United States officially ruled against both DOMA and Proposition 8. This ruling marks a milestone in the United States, allowing gay couples to officially work… Continue reading

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BUZZFEED: 14 Badass Nelson Mandela Facts

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